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[ construction progress ] the latest progress of Guangxi Funan Logistics Integrated Logistics Warehousing project

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On April 30, the Guangxi Kingdom of Funan Logistics (Integrated Logistics Warehousing Project 4 # 5 # Warehouse) project was contracted by Guangxi Zuo River Science & Technology Construction Co. , Ltd. , located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Chongzuo Fusui County-china Asean Youth Industrial Park, the total building area is 15120m2 for No. 4 warehouse and 2835M2 for No. 5 warehouse.

At present, the construction of roof steel structure and external curtain wall is being carried out, and the workshop has gradually emerged.

Zuo River Science and technology in strict accordance with the requirements of the owners and supervision of the construction management, adhering to high standards, high quality, high standards of precision construction. While grasping the construction progress, do a good job safety management, strict quality control. Ensure early completion of the project.

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