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[Construction progress] The steel structure project of the production base of photovoltaic/semiconductor new material series products in China-Asean Youth Industrial Park is progressing steadily

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In the China-Asean Youth Industrial Park, tower cranes stand in forest, machinery roar, construction vehicles shuttle back and forth on the project sites, and the construction scene is in full swing.

Project real picture

China-asean Youth Industrial Park photovoltaic/semiconductor new material series product production base Class A warehouse, Class C warehouse, machine repair workshop Steel structure engineering, Class A warehouse 540 square meters, Class C warehouse 627 square meters, machine repair workshop 900 square meters, the total construction area of about 2067 square meters.

Project real picture

As can be seen from the scene map, the project construction is in full swing, and the project department relies on solid experience, excellent technology, and sound quality and safety guarantee system to make the project present the best appearance!


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