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"People-oriented, life first, safe development" - the results and prospects of Safety Production Month!

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June this year is the 23rd national "Safety Production Month", the theme is "Everyone speaks safety, everyone will be emergency - smooth passage of life". Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Engineering Construction Co., LTD., according to the Notice of the Emergency Management Department of the Office of The State Council Safety Commission on carrying out the National "Safety Production Month" activities in 2024 (Office of the Safety Commission [2024] No. 3) and the Emergency Management Department of the Office of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Safety Commission forwarded to the Emergency Management Department of the Office of The State Council Safety Commission The spirit of the relevant documents of the National "Safety Production Month" activity in 2024, combined with the actual situation of the company, a series of "safety production month" activities will be carried out.

一、The company held the 2024 "Safety Production Month" activity deployment meeting

Middle level leaders of the company attend the event deployment meeting

Middle-level leaders watch safety education videos

On May 22, 2024, the company held the 2024 "Safety Production Month" activity deployment meeting, and the company's general manager Liu Xianbin attended the meeting and mobilized the company's 2024 "Safety production Month" activity. Emphasize that safety in production is more important than Mount Tai, safety is efficiency, adhere to the strict word, pay close attention to the source control of safety risks, hidden trouble investigation and management, resolutely prevent and contain safety accidents, and build a strong safety barrier for the company's high-quality development.  In response to the company's "safety production month" activities this year, the whole company is required to work together and orderly carry out "safety production month" activities, and vigorously create a good atmosphere for safety production, so that the concept of safety production is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. After the meeting, general manager Liu Xianbin led all middle-level cadres of the company to watch safety production education videos and safety accident case warning education films, and earnestly practiced the concept of "people-oriented, life first, safe development" with action. And the first time in the company's headquarters and projects under construction hanging safety slogans and "safety production month" knowledge display board, to create a strong "safety production month" publicity atmosphere.

Safety banners hang in the company's office building

Safety banners hang in the company's office building

Project line hanging safety production display board

The project line hangs safety production banners

The project line hangs safety production banners

二、Organize project front-line employees to watch safety education videos

Organize frontline employees to watch safety production education videos

For construction enterprises, the risk of project work is the greatest, and the safety education of front-line employees is necessary and very important for the success of the project. To this end, the quality and Safety Department of the company collected safety education videos related to the company's construction and production content, and organized front-line employees to watch and share their perceptions and carry out safety promotion methods to popularize the importance of safety production for front-line employees and enhance their safety awareness.

三、Conduct emergency rescue exercises for fire fighting and height fall accidents

Explain the emergency drill activities

In order to test and evaluate the emergency ability and effectiveness of the Project Department's emergency rescue plan for production safety accidents, identify resource needs, enhance the communication and coordination among various posts and personnel of the Project Department, improve the on-site disposal methods and emergency rescue capabilities of the Project Department for falling from high altitude, as well as the fire extinguishing methods and the use of fire fighting equipment in the initial stage, To establish a mechanism for quickly and effectively handling accidents, organizing accident rescue and emergency treatment in the case of accidents, the company's quality and Safety Department carried out fire extinguishing and height fall accident emergency rescue drills in the fifth phase of the Youth Industrial Park on June 25, 2024.

Demonstration of proper use of fire extinguisher

Ambulance team demonstrates the emergency on-site treatment of height fall casualties

Ambulance team demonstrates the emergency on-site treatment of height fall casualties

Through four simulation scenarios: fire scene, fire extinguishing scene, height fall scene, and on-site emergency treatment of height fall casualties, the three aspects of life safety, emergency and emergency rescue were respectively practiced. After the drill, Yu Peng, the company's technical director, affirmed the effectiveness of the drill and made comments and summaries on the drill. Through exercises, each employee was taught the correct use of fire extinguishers and self-protection and self-rescue ability. In the face of emergencies, keep calm and calm, keep calm when injured, rationally deal with the wound, prevent the wound from worsening, and avoid causing secondary injuries. Through the exercise, the project department's emergency awareness and emergency response ability to deal with emergency risks have been enhanced.

四、The correct way to wear and use the safety belt for working at altitude is demonstrated on site

Safety belt is the most common safety protection facilities in the construction project site. For workers working at height, safety belt is a life belt, and the correct wearing and use are related to the personal safety of workers. The Quality and Safety Department of the company has trained the workers on the correct wearing and use of the high-altitude work safety belts commonly used on the site in the form of live demonstration and explanation. Do not hurt others, do not hurt yourself, do not be hurt by others, safety will be truly guaranteed. By grasping the safety details of wearing safety belts and helmets, starting from small things and grasping details, you can prevent accidents to the maximum extent.

Demonstration of wearing safety belts for high-altitude work

Demonstration of wearing safety belts for high-altitude work

This year's "safety production Month" activity in addition to the above forms, there are projects to carry out safety production inspection, hidden danger investigation, production of safety knowledge publicity display boards, hanging safety production publicity slogans and other conventional forms. From the perspective of the activities carried out, the whole "safety production month" activity has achieved the expected effect, which not only creates a strong safety culture atmosphere, but also improves the safety awareness and emergency handling ability of employees, successfully eliminates a number of potential hazards, and lays a solid foundation for future safety production work. First of all, the leadership attaches importance to play a good leading role and carefully deploy activities, followed by the organization of measures in place, the establishment of the "safety production month" activity leading group, and the specific responsibilities of various departments and personnel. Finally, all departments actively cooperate, staff participation is high, and the effect is remarkable. In the future, we will continue to strengthen production safety management, constantly improve the safety literacy of employees, carry out a variety of and grounded "safety production month" activities to ensure the safe and orderly production of construction projects, and better implement the concept of "people-oriented, life first, safe development".


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