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[Construction progress] Latest progress of Guangxi Funan Logistics integrated logistics warehousing project

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On April 30, Guangxi Funan Logistics [Integrated logistics Warehousing Project 4#5# Warehouse] project, which is under general contract (design, construction and installation) by Guangxi Zuojiang Engineering Construction Co., LTD., is located in Fusui County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region - China ASEAN Youth Industrial Park, with a total construction area of 4# warehouse 15120 square meters; 5# Warehouse 2835㎡.

At present, the construction progress of the roof steel structure and the outer curtain wall is nearing the end, and the project department is installing the final roof structure, and the construction progress is about to enter the next node.

The next step will be the construction of the internal structure, and all the staff of the project department will continue to strictly grasp the construction management, strictly control the quality, strengthen safety management, and ensure the early acceptance and completion of the project.


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