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[Construction progress] The latest progress of the preparation room project of Dongluo Police Station of Fusui County Public Security Bureau

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The project is located in the master planning scope of Dongluo Town, Fusui County, the specific location is east of Songling Road, Dongluo Street. The total construction area is 644.2㎡, the calculated construction area is 644.2㎡, and the building covers an area of 172.8㎡. This project is a new three-story ground preparation room, which is near Dongluo Town Government in the north, Fusui County Coal Company in the west, and residential houses in the east. It has high requirements for noise and site safety.

Relying on the seriousness and responsibility of the project department to ensure the quality and quantity under safe conditions, the second floor of the attendance room is being constructed.

Safety construction is done well, and quality construction cannot run away. Next, the project department will always follow the principle of civilized construction and safety first. Civilized construction will not affect the villagers living around; Strictly grasp the construction management, strictly control the quality, strengthen the safety management, and ensure the early completion of the project.

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