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What matters should be paid attention to in the construction of steel structure workshop?

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Steel structure due to convenient installation, simple construction, economic and environmental protection and other advantages, is widely used in the current, then, in the construction of steel structure workshop, what do we need to pay attention to?


1. Unified management of on-site construction personnel, on-site mechanical equipment and on-site electricity consumption. Required to participate in the construction of the operator is trained, certificate on duty. Technical disclosure shall be made to all construction personnel before construction. Personnel entering the construction site should wear safety hats and shoes. Electricians and welders should wear insulation shoes. Safety belts should be tied when working at height.


2. Before operation, the tools, machines and equipment should be checked to ensure the safety of the device.


3, the operating surface should be rack, after the inspection is correct before operation. The binding method of components is correct, and the lifting point should have safety measures. The tools and materials used in high work should be placed in fixed places, and it is forbidden to place them casually.


4. When lifting steel members, the lifting or descending should be stable to avoid emergency braking or impact. Under the command of special personnel, the signal is clear, loud and clear, and illegal operation is strictly prohibited. Components shall be checked for quality after installation and shall be shackled after safety is determined. Work every day to reach the position, before the end.


5, the construction site of mechanical and electrical equipment, brake box, welding machine, should be rain proof equipment. Electrical operation should be carried out by professionals, non-professionals are strictly prohibited to operate. The welding machine is used in strict accordance with the operating regulations.


In addition, during construction, special attention should be paid to the electrical safety of equipment and safety measures should be taken. Safety is no small matter, especially when working at altitude, a lot of details to grasp.


Problem of construction quality of steel structure workshop building is a complex problem, because the building quality problem is very complex, the elements of causes of quality problems there are also many, sometimes even the same nature of the problem, cause the cause of the problem is not the same, this also is added for judging quality problem analysis and deal with the complexity and difficulty.