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What are the factors that affect the cost of steel structure workshop?

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Steel structure engineering is becoming more and more life-oriented. In steel structure engineering, we are more concerned about the cost of the project, so what to measure the cost of steel structure workshop? The cost of steel structure workshop is mainly measured by steel quantity, and its cost demand can be compared with certain conditions.


1. The required amount of steel, the biggest impact on the cost of steel structure workshop is still steel. In addition to the steel on the way, the import and domestic is not the same, is the color steel plate is still the sandwich board is not the same. In the same material, the biggest influence on the steel volume of the enterprise is its area, the size of the construction area to determine the amount of steel, of course, its planning structure is also affecting the world.


2. The building area is very fine, which is the most essential effect. A large area must require more steel.


3. The span length of steel structure, generally speaking, the larger the span, the lower the cost. Of course, the span is rationally arranged according to its own needs, the planning is not the same, the span is not the same, of course, the column distance requirements are also very different.


4. Crane tonnage. Crane tonnage is a big elegant, pick tonnage is too large, will cause waste equipment waste, too small can not meet the needs of construction. Of course, the price is also different.


5. Building height, according to practical needs, every 10cm increase will increase the cost of 2% to 3%.


6. Enclosure structure, which also needs to consider the cost, doors and Windows, exterior walls, etc.


7. The location of plant design planning management structure type, building time, use and so on some related elements have a certain impact on the cost of steel structure plant.