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What are the advantages of steel structure building more than a little

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Probably a lot of people on the steel structure building > is not very familiar, at least not witnessed, so the understanding of steel structure building is not very in place. So, why can steel structure get more and more widely used in the construction engineering? This, of course, cannot do without its advantages.


1. Steel structure buildings are more flexible than traditional buildings. Steel structure buildings can make better use of space and area than ordinary buildings, and can increase the indoor effective use area by more than 6%.


2, the total weight of steel structure building is relatively light, about half of the weight of concrete structure, so in the foundation cost, the cost of steel structure is not high.


3. Steel structure buildings have good energy saving effect. The walls of steel structure buildings are generally light energy-saving C steel, which has good thermal insulation performance and good energy saving effect.


4, steel structure building has good ductility, thus improving the safety of the building, especially when the strong wind, earthquake, steel structure can still avoid building collapse and other housing damage phenomenon.


5, the environmental performance of steel structure is relatively strong, in the construction of steel structure, but also greatly reduces the amount of sand, lime and other resources, and steel structure building materials are green and pollution-free, no matter from the construction, use, or from the final demolition, degradation, steel structure building will not produce waste resulting in environmental pollution.