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Why is there a bridge crane in the factory building? What benefits can it bring to the enterprise?

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If you know gantry cranes, then you will also have a certain understanding of bridge cranes. Gantry cranes are bridge-type cranes whose bridges are supported on ground rails by legs on both sides. In layman's terms, they are affected by ground equipment. Lifting equipment, and bridge cranes completely use the space under the bridge to lift materials without being hindered by ground equipment. In comparison, when the main girder form, lifting tonnage, service span, lifting height and other specifications are the same, the price of bridge cranes is much cheaper than gantry cranes. Then why do we say that a corporate plant must have an overhead crane? What benefits can it bring to the enterprise? Listen to me carefully

first. The main structure of the bridge crane:
The bridge crane is composed of a bridge frame, a trolley equipped with a lifting mechanism, a cart operating mechanism and a control room. Its structure is shown in the figure:

Guangxi Zuojiang Science & Industry Construction Co., Ltd.

The basic components of bridge type bridge cranes are composed of main beam and end beam. The main beam is straddled above the workshop, with end beams connected at both ends, and a walking platform and safety railings are installed on the outside of the main beam. The bridge frame is equipped with a large cart moving mechanism, electrical box, lifting mechanism, trolley running track and auxiliary sliding wire frame. One end of the bridge frame is equipped with a cab, and the other end is equipped with a main sliding wire for introducing power.

Second, the working principle of bridge crane:

  • The bridge crane is driven by the trolley motor to move longitudinally back and forth along the tracks on both sides of the factory workshop.
  • The trolley and lifting mechanism on the main girder of the large trolley are driven by the trolley motor to move laterally and left and right along the main girder track of the bridge frame.
  • The lifting motor (main hook, auxiliary hook) drives the weight to do vertical lifting motion.

Third, the characteristics of bridge cranes
Bridge cranes are advanced in technology, safe and reliable, easy to maintain, green and energy-saving
Fourth, the application fields of bridge cranes:

For many machinery companies, the bridge crane is really important. It has a strong position in people's work. It is mainly used in ports or docks, as well as mechanical processing and other fields, to a large extent. In order to improve people’s working ability, especially for small-scale enterprise plants, they want to reduce costs, improve work efficiency, and expand output value. Bridge cranes can be said to directly hit the pain points of users’ needs. Therefore, more companies The plant chooses to use bridge cranes in the production workshop or plant to realize semi-mechanized production.
In summary, bridge cranes have strong flexibility at work and can meet different hoisting work requirements. This is a very good choice for small and medium-sized enterprises that are just starting out.
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