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You think the grab catches sand? No, it's the crystallization of wisdom

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In people's impression, grab seems to be a tool for grabbing sand and stone goods. In fact, grab is not only used as a tool, but also the crystallization of wisdom. Why do you say that? In the 19th century and even more ancient times, people used both hands to carry goods. However, with the development of society, the boom of excavators continues to emerge. Relying only on a single excavator can not fully realize heavy industrial operation, so the multi-functional grab came into being and became an indispensable handling tool in heavy industrial operation.

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Although the grab appeared at the beginning has many meanings, its applicability is not very strong. First, its material selection and manufacturing technology, and second, its driving system. Let's start with the material selection. In the past, most of the materials used to make grab buckets were iron, and there were few steel. Iron was easy to rust, and the hardness was not as good as steel, which led to the poor durability of grab buckets made of iron, unable to meet the needs of special environment and high maintenance cost. In the production process, even if the grab made of steel appears in the later stage, the steel-making technology is not mature enough. With the progress of science and technology, manganese steel is gradually used and popularized. The next is the driving system, which adopts PLC, frequency converter and position encoder intelligent control, and uses squirrel cage motor with simple structure and high reliability to replace wound motor, which can avoid slip ring The motor is damaged or cannot be started due to poor contact caused by carbon brush wear or corrosion. After the intelligent control of the grab crane, the number of AC contactors is greatly reduced, and the main circuit realizes no contact point, so as to avoid the burning loss caused by the frequent action of the contact and the electrical fault caused by the contact. The system operation is more efficient and energy-saving.

Since grab can provide more effective help in industrial operation and reduce the handling cost of workers and enterprises, why is it said that it is not a tool for grasping sand? In fact, it is precisely because the emergence of grab, from simple iron sheet to intelligence, is the wisdom achievement of human beings after long-time experimental research. Therefore, grab is not sand and stone goods, it is the crystallization of people's wisdom. If you want to know more about machinery, please pay attention to us. Zuojiang science and Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of hoisting machinery and equipment with affordable prices. Welcome to inquire: 0771-7667777