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Not to lose after watching! What are the advantages of fabricated steel structures

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Speaking of prefabrication, everyone can talk a few words, but in detail, no one can say a thing or two. In prefabricated projects, the most popular is the prefabricated steel structure. This type of structure The construction is convenient and the cost is low. The required components can be transported to the site and installed and erected, which greatly reduces the construction time of the villa.

Performance of prefabricated construction:

1. Light:
     The lightness of the light steel villa refers to its light weight. Because the materials it uses are light materials with high strength and low weight, the weight of the light steel villa is reduced by 30% compared to the common reinforced concrete.
2, the Czech Republic
    Traditional house construction is built from the foundation, one brick and one tile supplemented by cement mortar. It will take months from the first floor to the second floor to the roof, but the prefabrication is different. Its production characteristics are different, and the steel structure is more than 50% longer than the PC construction period.
3, good:
    Low cost, stable structure, convenient construction, is this inconvenience its advantage!
4. Province:
    Water-saving and electricity-saving construction, the data can be disassembled, assembled and recycled, and the recovery rate reaches 70%. It does not require high labor costs. Two or three workers can build a light steel house of excellent quality, saving labor expenditure. Well, the above are the advantages of fabricated steel structures.
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