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General purpose bridge crane

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General bridge crane: bridge crane for general use, mainly including hook bridge crane, grab bridge crane, electromagnetic bridge crane. Its lifting is the hook type, grab type, electromagnetic sucker type, the general bridge crane is widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouse, workshop, wharf and open storage yard, etc.


Structural components

General bridge crane is mainly composed of: big car running mechanism, car running mechanism, lifting mechanism and electrical equipment. Both ends of the bridge through the running device, supported on the elevated track above the workshop or open freight yard, along the longitudinal track operation; The crane trolley runs transversely along the trolley track on the main girder of the bridge.


The basic parameters

The basic parameters of the general bridge crane include:

1. Rated lifting weight. When provided with the main and secondary hook, the rated weight is expressed by a fraction, the numerator is the main hook weight, the denominator is the deputy hook weight.

2. Span. Also known as span, refers to the distance between two parallel rails that the crane travels. Crane span is generally 1.5m smaller than the workshop span, the span of each 3m for a level, from 10.5m to 31.5m, more than 31.5m for non-standard span.

3. Speed. Speed is determined according to the busy degree of crane work, light work speed is low, heavy work speed is fast. Small lifting weight, speed can be faster, heavy lifting, speed to slow down, otherwise, adverse to safety.

The speed of the general bridge crane includes four aspects:

One is the speed of carts.

The second is the car speed.

The third is the lifting speed of the hook.

The fourth is the lifting height.