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Commencement banquet in 2017

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On the evening of February 15th, 2017, Guangxi Zuojiang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Fengyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. held the "2017 Commencement banquet" and concluded successfully!


The banquet was hosted by the director of the General Office, and Mr. Wang And Mr. Liu delivered an important speech. After entering the banquet dining, the dining also interspersed with the lucky draw, the fifth prize (100 yuan) 40, fourth prize (200 yuan) 20, third prize (400 yuan) 10, second prize (600 yuan) 6, first prize (1000 yuan) 3, special prize (2000 yuan) 1, constantly set off the climax of the annual conference. The annual meeting not only brings laughter to everyone, but also brings colleagues closer to each other. The whole banquet ended in a harmonious, warm and pleasant atmosphere.


Set sail in 2017!

Zuojiang Heavy Industry, wish you success!