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Steel structure residence: the house of the future

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  For thousands of years, the housing of the majority of rural people in China has continued the construction tradition of Qin brick and Han tile, but the construction materials dominated by brick, tile and wood have become the past. Many industry experts pointed out that the new green building is the future residence, that is, the building structure system with steel structure as the core. This is by no means alarmist. After the introduction of systematic products of building structure, It has also promoted the development of light steel structure houses and built a new applicable green, environmental friendly, efficient and energy-saving steel structure house system - thin plate steel frame building system developed in combination with China's national conditions. Thin plate steel frame house takes steel plate as wall, steel frame as beam, no soil and a small amount of wood as core building materials, so it has the advantages of environmental protection, light structure, typhoon resistance Its core material is C-type high-strength galvanized steel plate with a thickness of only 2mm. The two steel plates are filled with thermal insulation materials to form a wall, which can withstand the pressure of 1650kg per square meter. The roof is also made of high-strength galvanized sheet sandwiched with thermal insulation material, which is much harder than tiles. Then, through "factory" large-scale production, it is combined into components such as wallboard, floor slab and roof truss, which can be quickly assembled on site, and a house can be built in a few days. Due to the factory production of prefabricated parts, no welding is required for on-site construction, and there is little noise, dust and construction waste. The construction is basically not affected by weather and seasons, which greatly shortens the construction cycle and capital occupation time. For a 200m2 independent residence, five workers can complete the installation of the main structure in 7 working days and complete the overall rough decoration in 1.5 months, It is for this reason that the new light steel structure building system can be widely used.

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       Steel structure residence will bring great reform to the traditional construction mode of "Qin brick Han tile" in China, so it is known as the "fourth housing revolution". The production and construction technology of thin plate steel frame new houses has broken through China's traditional construction mode. Its green color has greatly made up for the shortcomings of traditional brick concrete structure houses and is suitable for new rural construction, which not only fills the gap in China's new steel structure house structure system, but also represents the development direction of China's housing industrialization, It is an important measure of the national housing industrialization policy.

    Of course, at present, the development of light steel structure housing system in China is still facing some difficulties, such as the lack of targeted steel structure housing specifications and the high cost of steel structure. However, with the continuous promotion of rural housing environment and housing construction policies, the future houses will focus on the steel structure housing system.