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【Real-time tracking】The latest progress of Guangxi Shenlong coated strip production base project

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On March 21, the latest progress of the Guangxi Shenlong coated plate strip production base project contracted by Guangxi Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd. has entered the stage of pickling and raw material workshop steel structure installation, other single foundation construction has been completed 80%, and the equipment foundation has been excavated! It is understood that in order to ensure the progress of the project and ensure that the project is completed and put into operation on schedule, the participating units hold meeting almost every day to coordinate and solve construction difficulties in a timely manner according to the construction "operation map".


Project Introduction

The project is located in Fangchenggang City, Guangxi, with a total construction area of 79715.64㎡, a comprehensive workshop of 2579.2㎡, a hardware workshop of 1881.7㎡, a pickling and raw material workshop of 5900.73㎡, a galvanizing color coating workshop of 35009.76㎡, a rolling mill workshop of 16669.00㎡, and a galvanizing workshop of 17675.25㎡.


Project construction site


Recently, the temperature is rising and high, to the site construction safety production brought severe "baking" test, in order to ensure the quality of construction in high temperature weather, to ensure the safety of construction personnel and the good operation of construction machinery, our company actively adopts "early prevention, careful operation, diligent inspection, more temperature measurement, grasp the drill" five "cool" methods, safety hot!

Project construction site

In recent years, Guangxi Shenlong Metal Products Co., Ltd. has unswervingly put the development of industry in the top priority, vigorously implemented the development strategy of "industrial strong zone", the pace of new industrialization in the region has accelerated significantly, and the comprehensive strength of the industry has been significantly improved, which has effectively promoted the construction of a modern Lingang industrial city. Under the leadership and support of the owner unit of Guangxi Shenlong Metal Products Co., Ltd., our company implements the established project schedule in a tight and orderly manner, busy and chaotic implementation of the project construction schedule, and also contributes to the vigorous implementation of the "industrial strong zone"!


Project construction site

In the next step, the company will adhere to the spirit of "not delaying a day, not slacking off for a day", unite as one, overcome difficulties, and help the project to be completed early, put into production early, and benefit early!!!