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On April 12, the Shuxiangmendi (Guangxi) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Shuxiangmendi China Wood Eco-City project, which was contracted by Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd., was basically completed at this stage, and the foundation construction of Plant 2 is expected to be completed on the 15th of this month. In order to achieve the delivery target, at present, our project management personnel and workers are fully rooted in the construction site, go all out to implement the construction task, race against time, and ensure that the project completes the delivery task with quality and quantity.
Project Introduction
The project is located in Chongzuo City, Guangxi
Project construction site
The project mainly constructs a laminate flooring production line, which will add an annual output of 3 million square meters of laminate flooring after completion, which will help improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise, further consolidate the brand effect, and play an important role in the rapid and stable development of the enterprise.
Project construction site
Shuxiang Mendi Group is one of the leading enterprises in China's wood flooring industry, and has ranked among the top three in the sales volume of similar products in China for many consecutive years. The completion of the China Wood Eco-City will effectively promote the extension of Guangxi's wood processing industry chain to high-end and terminal, and help the development of high-end green home furnishing industry and Chinese brand products to the international stage.
Project construction site
The orderly progress of the China Wood Eco-City project is inseparable from the strong support of leaders and departments at all levels in Guangxi and Chongzuo City. Our company will accelerate the progress of project construction and development, and contribute to the 20th anniversary of the founding of Chongzuo City and the development of regional economic construction in 2023!
Project construction site
In the next step, our company will firmly follow the project construction without relaxing, unite as one, overcome difficulties, and promote the project to be completed as soon as possible to complete the benefits!