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【Real-time tracking】Full acceleration! Guangxi Shenlong production base project detailed progress!

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On April 21, Guangxi Shenlong Metal Products Co., Ltd. Guangxi Shenlong Production Base - Comprehensive Hardware and Coated Plate Plant Project, which was contracted by Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd., at this stage, the roof panel high-altitude tile compressor tile pressing was completed, and the installation of thermal insulation cotton, sun panel and roof panel is being carried out, and it is expected to be installed on the 30th of this month! At the construction site, there is a busy scene everywhere, workers are installing thermal insulation cotton, sun panels, and roof panels, and are fully committed to implementing the construction task, and the whole project is accelerating.
Project Introduction
The project is located in Fangchenggang City, Guangxi, with a total construction area of 79715.64 square meters, including 2579.20 square meters of comprehensive workshop, 1881.70 square meters of hardware workshop, 5900.73 square meters of coated plate workshop Area A, 16669.00 square meters of coated plate workshop Area B, 35009.76 square meters of coated plate workshop C and 17675.25 square meters of coated plate workshop D.
After the completion of this project, it will further optimize the industrial structure of Fangcheng District, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial industry, expand the total economic volume of Fangcheng District, and accelerate the formation of a growth pole and a new engine for economic development.
Taking advantage of the current good weather, our company's project management personnel often take root in the construction site, timely help workers solve the problems encountered in the construction, and timely urge workers to grasp the construction and improve efficiency under the premise of ensuring safety, so as to help the project be completed and put into operation as soon as possible!
In recent years, Fangchenggang City has unswervingly put the development of industry in the top priority, vigorously implemented the development strategy of "industrial strong zone", significantly accelerated the pace of new industrialization in the region, significantly improved the comprehensive strength of industry, and effectively promoted the construction of a modern Lingang industrial city.
In the next step, the coating plate plant D area, the comprehensive workshop civil foundation and the hardware workshop steel structure installation are expected to be completed on June 30th! One step closer to completion and production.