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The latest progress details of the 3 million square meters laminate flooring production project with an annual output of Shuxiangmendi!

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On April 29th, Shuxiangmendi (Guangxi) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Shuxiangmendi annual output of 3 million square meters laminate flooring production project contracted by Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd., the construction of the foundation and indoor floor of the 1# plant at this stage has been completed, and the outdoor rainwater pipe has begun construction! Plant 1 is expected to be installed on May 4 with the main steel structure!

Walking into the construction site, the workers are busy and orderly, the 1# plant foundation and the flattening and compaction in the plant building have been completed, the 2# plant foundation has been completed, the workshop is pulling back the earth, the outdoor rainwater pipe and the total flat road are also under construction, multiple lines work together, orderly, step by step to the completion!

Project Introduction

The project is located in Chongzuo City, Guangxi, with a total construction area of 38,566.16 square meters, including 2 single-storey fire hazard category C standard workshops, 1# plant 27,161.36 square meters, and #2 plant 11,404.80 square meters. The total area of the plant is 38566.16 square meters;

The project is a wood processing project, coupled with Chongzuo City's unique geographical location, rich forestry resources and excellent industrial base, which not only has little impact on the surrounding environment, but also accelerates the transformation and upgrading of Chongzuo City's wood industry after completion, and improves the development level of the city's wood industry.

Since its establishment, from the earliest product "Wind and Rain Rainbow", to the later aesthetic floor, cross-border cooperation, etc., Shuxiangmendi has been innovating and improving.

Since its establishment, Shuxiangmendi has been adhering to the concept of pursuing a better life to create aesthetic flooring and become a leading brand of high-end flooring. This cooperation with our company is expected to produce better economic benefits, strong cooperation, and achieve a win-win situation in the market!

In the next step, the foundation construction of the 2# plant has been completed, and the indoor floor is expected to be completed on the 30th of this month, which is a step closer to completion and production.