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98%! The comprehensive recovery of copper smelting and energy conservation and environmental protection project is about to be completed!

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On May 14, the copper smelting comprehensive recovery and energy conservation and environmental protection project of Guangxi Nanguo Copper Industry Co., Ltd., which was contracted by Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd., has all been installed at this stage of the 1-11 axis steel structure main body of the main plant of the smelting, enclosure installation, wall purlins, adding 13-14 axis-A-K axis body, enclosure system, etc. Up to now, the total output value of the project contract has been completed, and the output value is about 98%!
Early in the morning, the project construction site was a busy scene, and the main building had been fully completed. Workers are rushing to finish the final finishing touches.
Project Introduction
The project is located in Chongzuo City, Guangxi, with a total construction area of 14,600 square meters. Including the anode furnace plant three floors, a total area of 5775 square meters, the main melting plant five floors, a building height of 51.4 meters, an area of 8460 square meters, and a total component weight of about 7800 tons.
In fact, copper is an important source of various technical fields, and at the same time, copper resources are very scarce, so this copper smelting comprehensive recovery and energy conservation and environmental protection project has a very positive effect on copper recovery and environmental protection and resource reuse.
This project, with the goal of building the most beautiful copper smelter in China, adopts the world's most advanced oxygen-rich double-side blowing and smelting, and solid wastewater quenching slag for cement plant as batching. The project has reached or surpassed the domestic advanced level in terms of technical equipment, comprehensive energy consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, and comprehensive utilization of resources.
Guangxi Southwest China Copper Industry Co., Ltd., as one of the "most potential private enterprises" assessed by the autonomous region in 2021, copper smelting technology ranks in the forefront of the national copper smelting industry, and the completion of this project will also inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of Chongzuo's economy and society.
Here, I wish the Nanguo Copper Smelting Comprehensive Recovery and Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Project a successful completion, and at the same time, thank the project leaders and workers of our company for their hard work!