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Non-stop! Guangxi Fusuishanxu Industrial Park Leika Branch Standard Workshop and Supporting Facilities Project (Phase I)

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On May 19th, the steel structure project (phase I) of the Leika Branch Park of Guangxi Fusuishanxu Industrial Park contracted by Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd., at this stage, 70% of the steel structure body, wall purlins, roof purlins, and 1# factory building panels of the 1# and 2# plant buildings are installed, and the anchor bolt pre-embedding of the 3# plant has been fully installed, and the total output value of the project contract has been completed so far about 46%.
Walking into the construction sites of various projects in Shanxu Industrial Park, you can see that the builders are working intensively to accelerate the operation, standardized process procedures, strict process control, and meticulous safety measures to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
Project Introduction
The project is located in Chongzuo City, Guangxi, with a total construction area of 25,410 square meters; Among them: the single area of the 1#, 2#, 3# standard workshops is 8470 square meters, and the total height of the building is 12 meters; The structure type is portal rigid frame structure, the number of layers is 1 layer, the fire resistance grade is two, and the total weight of steel components is about 1043 tons.
Accelerating the construction of standardized factories and attracting investment with factories is an important link in building the "main battlefield" of industrial parks. The standard workshop and supporting facilities project of Leika Branch of Guangxi Fusuishanxu Industrial Park was included in the major projects at the autonomous region level in 2021.
With the continuous and rapid economic development of Shanxu Industrial Park and the continuous improvement of urban infrastructure, more and more high-quality wood enterprises have settled in the park. After the completion of this project, it is conducive to cultivating dragons, supplementing chains, and clusters, and vigorously improving the carrying capacity of investment promotion.
Guangxi Shanxu Industrial Park, the park takes the intensive processing of forest products as the leading industry, and is compatible with other related extended industries. At the same time, the park has very broad land resources, the scope of the park belongs to state-owned land, the degree of liberalization management is high, there are few obstacles to development and utilization, and the land cost is low. The unique location advantages and advantages of forest and land resources have attracted industry giants.
In the next step, our company will speed up the construction progress and complete the construction of the project within the specified time according to the requirements of the owner.