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Good news for winning the bid, adding new results!

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Good news! Good news! With the full efforts of all departments, our company successfully won the bid for Chongqing Shenlong Tengda New Materials Co., Ltd. Chongqing high-end metal materials project with an annual output of 750,000 tons, standing out in the fierce competition!
Project Introduction
The project is located in Chongqing City, with a total construction area of 67,300 square meters; 1# production workshop, 2# comprehensive warehouse, 3# hydrogen supply station, pickling workshop four single projects.
Shenlong Tengda is a well-known cold-rolled coated plate manufacturer in China, the company is deeply engaged in the cold-rolled coating industry, and is committed to building a full range of domestic professional manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality cold-rolled plates and coated plates. The products have been widely used in home appliances, automobiles, construction, food packaging and many other fields, sold to more than 20 provinces in China, exported to more than 20 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other regions.
The strong cooperation between our company and Chongqing Shenlong Tengda New Materials Co., Ltd. means that our company has taken another step towards national construction contracting, and will also add new impetus to Chongqing's construction of a new material highland with global influence.
Next, our company will fully promote the progress of the company's project, face the difficulties, go all out, and grasp the implementation and management of the construction project! In order to achieve the high-quality development of the company, strive to be the first, create better results, and make every effort to complete the goals and tasks in 2023!