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95%! Guangxi Pengyue Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. project sprint final stage!!!

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On June 6th, the steel structure project of Guangxi Pengyue Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. "200,000 tons/year half-water-dihydrate wet phosphoric acid and deep processing project" undertaken by Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd. has completed 95% of the project progress.
Project Introduction
The project is located in Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, of which the total construction area of calcium salt MCP warehouse and arsenic dearsenic room frame is 27454.8 square meters; the steel structure construction of anti-collision column of temporary filter press and phosphogypsum warehouse; the construction content of the wall sealing project of the semi-water two-water belt filter device is the installation of the exterior wall maintenance system, and the area of the two-water device is about 3064.22 square meters;
The total construction area of food-grade purified phosphoric acid device, purified phosphoric acid concentration device and other steel components, exterior wall sealing plates, automobile loading station and chemical water treatment station is 6872.5 square meters, and the total steel structure consumption of this project is 4200 tons.
Looking around, the construction of the project site has been basically completed, and the workers in the construction have done their part, completed the finishing work of part of the construction of the construction project, entered the final sprint stage, and made every effort to follow the construction period and package schedule.
It is understood that with the adjustment of the national energy layout and the growth of demand for new energy industry, after the project is completed and put into operation, it will solve the employment problem of thousands of people and contribute to the high-quality development of Chongzuo City's industrial economy.
In 2022, Guangxi Pengyue Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. won the title of "Six Revitalization" Advanced Collective in Chongzuo City in 2022 and "Striving for the First Strong County with Me" Advanced Collective in Fusui County in 2022.
In the next step, our company will grasp the final construction work, strictly implement the daily construction plan, and fully promote the early acceptance and early production of the project according to the plan!