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On June 15th, the green manufacturing project and supporting projects of slag treatment, zinc and oxygen pressure leaching technology innovation contracted by Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd. At this stage, the smelting and fumigated steel structure, the main structure of slag filtration, and the installation of the four monomer main bodies of the air compressor station have been completed by 100%. The hemming of the HVAC network fan room has been installed by 85%, and the canopy and hemming have been installed by 90%.


Project Introduction


The project is located in Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with a construction area of 43660.13㎡. These include four monomers for smelting and fuming, slag filtration, pulverized coal preparation, four monomers for air compressor stations, copper precipitation for copper premisement, pretreatment of lead ice copper and pulping production workshops.

The zinc-oxygen pressure leaching process in this project is more advanced than the traditional smelting method, which can separate zinc from impurities such as silver, bismuth, copper, and lead, so as to obtain purer zinc. The process is simple, environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, low pollution, not only improve production efficiency, but also have high resource utilization. These advantages make zinc-oxygen pressure leaching process one of the important research directions in the current zinc smelting technology. In addition, the completion of the project will help promote industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality industrial development, fully implement Xi Jinping Ecological Civilization Thought, and have great economic and social significance.

The owner unit is a private enterprise with nearly 30 years of development history, occupying a leading position in the same industry in the country, and paying taxes of more than billions of yuan for many consecutive years, and has developed into a backbone private enterprise in Guangxi, a strong and excellent industrial enterprise in Guangxi, a key enterprise in non-ferrous metal processing in Guangxi, and the company's comprehensive strength ranks among the top three in the national lead and zinc industry.

In the construction of this project, our company has accumulated more construction experience in the metallurgical industry, so as to better serve the majority of customers in the metallurgical industry in the later stage. Next, our company will strictly implement the construction requirements with a high sense of responsibility and rigorous working attitude, and complete the construction tasks quickly, orderly, high-quality and efficiently under the leadership of the owner unit and the support of all participating units.