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Recreate "industrial Ziyang" and contribute to industrial strength!

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On July 1st, the construction project of Fengyuan steel structure processing (Yanjiang) base contracted by Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd. has been completed and handed over to the owner at this stage; 2# The main structure of shift building, machine repair warehouse and hardware warehouse has been capped; The civil foundation of plant A has been completed, and the steel structure construction has been completed by 30%.Recently, the temperature in Yanjiang District has gradually risen, and the project construction site is also full of heat, the site sparks splash, the roar of machinery and the collision of metal intersect, the field equipment is constantly running, our company is riveting full of energy to grasp production, racing against time to catch up with the progress!


Project Introduction


The project is located in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, covering an area of 138640.43㎡ and a total construction area of 77545.34㎡. Among them: A plant 8640 square meters, B plant 25680 square meters, C plant 25680 square meters, 1#2# shift building 6430 square meters, office building 2613.86 square meters and other 14 units.



The project covers infrastructure, industrial development, housing construction and other fields to make up for shortcomings, and after completion, it can play a leading role in further improving the real economy and optimizing the layout of industrial development. Industry is an important support for economic development, and project construction is an important starting point for stable investment and steady growth. At the same time, 2023 is also the first year for Yanjiang District to fully implement the "three-modernization linkage" development strategy, and after the completion of the project, it will provide more powerful support for the rebuilding of an "industrial Ziyang".



The owner unit belongs to Guangdong Huizhen Group Co., Ltd. steel structure processing base in Sichuan, Huizhen Group now has Sichuan Ziyang, Guangxi Nanning, Guangdong Huizhou three major steel structure production bases, with an annual output of 400,000 tons of steel structure, Huizhen Group's steel structure company is one of the largest steel structure safety companies in South China, won the title of "2022 the city's stable growth contribution outstanding ten industrial enterprises" and other titles.



Next, our company will strictly control the quality of the project, accelerate the construction progress, strive to put the project into production on schedule, and contribute more industrial strength to the new chapter of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization.