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Rush to complete major agricultural compound fertilizer projects to promote green modernization development!!

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On August 10, the steel structure of the 70,000-ton organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and 30,000 tons of compound fertilizer project contracted by Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd. has been completed and handed over to the owner at this stage, and the main steel structure installation of the 3# plant is expected to be completed in mid-September.


Project Introduction

The project is located in Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with a construction area of 18090.5 square meters. These include #1 production workshop 6804㎡, #2 production workshop 6384㎡, 3# production workshop 4902.5㎡. Total height of the building: 12 meters, structure type: portal steel frame structure, number of layers: 1 floor, fire resistance grade: grade II, The total weight of steel components is about 884.36 tons.


Project construction site


Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy, and the "three rural areas" and the grain issue are fundamental issues for our country. China has always regarded the development of fertilizer industry as the top priority of the basic national policy, so China's fertilizer industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for organic-inorganic compound fertilizer in crops has also increased.


Project construction site


The completion of the 70,000-ton organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and 30,000 tons compound project will not only play a certain role in accelerating the development of green modern agriculture in our county, but also promote local economic development, help rural revitalization, and promote the common prosperity of farmers and the coordinated development of agricultural industry.


Project construction site


China is a big agricultural producer, and compound fertilizer is an important agricultural material in China. Compound fertilizer is a commonly used fertilizer in the field of agricultural production, which is made of three nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, by physical or chemical methods. Compound fertilizer has the characteristics of high nutrient content, less by-components, uniform structure, saving storage and transportation costs and packaging materials, and is widely used in field crops and cash crops.


Project construction site


In the follow-up project construction, our company will pay close attention to the progress of project construction, strictly standardize project management, go all out to promote project construction, and ensure that the construction of the project is completed next month.