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More than half of the tailings pond of the copper smelting environmental protection project has been constructed, and it is expected to be fully put into use soon!

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As of November 11, 2023, the "400kt/a copper smelting comprehensive recovery and energy saving and environmental protection upgrading project - steel structure project of tailings filtration and storage workshop" undertaken by Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Industry Construction Co., Ltd. has completed construction; 400kt/a copper smelting comprehensive recovery and energy saving and environmental protection upgrading project - 2# tailings pond steel structure project", 50% of the total progress of the project has been completed at this stage!


Project Brief Introduction

The project is located in Chongzuo City, Guangxi, with a total building area of 22,800 square meters and a building height of 44.56 meters. Among them, the tailings filtration and storage workshop has a construction area of 2482.43 square meters and a cornice height of 21 meters. Walking into the construction site, you can see a large stacker-reclaimer, which is a commonly used mechanical equipment in the copper smelting process, mainly used for stacking and taking various raw materials and materials.



Project construction site diagram


The stacker-reclaimer plays an important role in the copper smelting process, improving production efficiency and reducing manual labor intensity. At the same time, the use of stacker-reclaimers also helps to improve the automation and intelligence level of the copper smelting process and promote the technological progress and development of the industry.



Project construction site diagram


The design of the 2# tailings pond in this project adopts a grid structure, which is quite rare in Chongzuo and even the whole Guangxi. The advantages of grid structure are that it has uniform force, light weight, high stiffness and good seismic performance, so it is widely used in various large-span and large-area buildings.



Project construction site diagram


The grid structure of the project not only improves the functionality and practicability of the 2# tailings pond, but also improves its overall aesthetics and space utilization, and reduces the construction cost and maintenance cost.



Project construction site diagram


Since the grid structure is a kind of spatial stress system, it needs to be composed of multiple members according to a certain law. Therefore, in the installation process, we use a 50t crane for hoisting, which has a strong hoisting capacity and can meet the installation needs of the grid structure.

At present, the tailings pond construction project is 50% complete and is expected to be fully completed in the next few months. The project team will continue to work hard to ensure the safe operation of the tailings pond and make greater contributions to the green development of the copper smelting industry.