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Welcome! ! ! Appraisal assessment team to visit our guidance inspection

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On December 20, three members of the special equipment appraisal and evaluation expert group, Chen Yongji and his party, as well as leaders of the Fusui County County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Company leaders, system principals and other relevant personnel attended the meeting, to conduct a two-day on-site appraisal of the company's lifting machinery permit.

At the first meeting, general manager Liu Xianbin welcomed the arrival of the group of experts. And introduced to the Evaluation Group of the company's qualifications, organizational structure and other basic conditions and the company's special equipment quality system operation.

Experts Group on the company's resource conditions, product files, product quality certification appraisal review. The resource conditions group verifies the employment contract and social insurance, production equipment, tooling, workshop, warehouse conditions, system documents and records, Internal Audit and Management Review, supplier directory and files, product subcontracting management, quality information processing, contract review, staff training, etc. . The product filing team reviews the completed product in terms of procurement, design, standards, process, welding and heat treatment, nonconformance control, corrective and preventive actions. The product quality group inspects the welding, heat treatment, non-destructive testing and so on in the product manufacturing process.


After a fair and open, careful and careful evaluation, the evaluation team agreed that the company Crane installation process documents complete, the quality assurance system operating normally, however, there are still some problems in documentation, document archiving and personnel documents.

Hope that your company in the future work in accordance with the relevant state laws and regulations to develop a complete system. During the on-site evaluation process, the relevant departments of the company cooperate to provide timely and accurate information for the evaluation team to do a good job on-site services to ensure the successful completion of the evaluation.