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[ successful delivery ] annual production of stainless steel kitchenware 90,000 sets of project completion acceptance

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On November 29, the project of “90,000 sets of stainless steel kitchenware per year”, undertaken by Guangxi Zuo River Science and Technology Construction Co. , Ltd. , the steel structure main body, the envelope system, the aluminum alloy window has passed the supervision unit, the owner unit, the government related department's acceptance! Project description the project is located in Long An County, nanning city, Guangxi Gross leasable area 3888m2. The project uses bright yellow, white gray and sky blue collocation, bright yellow, white gray and sky blue collocation in architectural design can create a modern, concise and fashionable atmosphere. This color combination can not only attract people's attention, but also add vitality to the building, highlighting the overall aesthetics of the building.


Even the best copy and renderings are not as realistic as the real thing. Surface Engineering is work, hidden engineering is conscience! Thank you very much for the high trust of our team, and the high degree of cooperation in the process.

The engineering quality supervision institution and the owner's unit shall take part in the acceptance inspection

The completion of the project is just a new starting point. In the future, we will continue to pursue excellence and contribute more to the development of the city. Construction of the chapter has been written, let us join hands to a better tomorrow