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Liu Xianbin, general manager of the company, and Peric Lee, manager of the marketing department, visited the assembly line of the steel structural components production workshop to get a visual understanding of the production process of steel components. Everyone observed and learned that an ordinary steel plate, after cutting, setting up, submerged arc welding, cold correction, assembly, welding, thermal correction, Weld detection, shot blasting rust, coating and other layers of processes, the final factory inspection can be applied to buildings after passing, to become a pillar of heaven and earth, carved beams and painted steel works of art.



During the technical exchange, we design and produce the beam-column connection method and the cost optimization, the column base shear resistance design optimization, the design is convenient but the spot processing difficult optimization method, the influence of the type of design stiffener on the convenience of processing and installation, whether the design is beneficial to production and transportation, and the relation between transportation deformation and steel component production are discussed. At the same time, the designers discussed and studied the technical points, and put forward some constructive suggestions for improving the overall efficiency of design and assembly construction in the future.

Designers in the steel structure of the technical exchange made a new attempt to help each other, expand everyone's knowledge, enrich the knowledge system.

This exchange of learning not only for the company's development of professional guidance and advice, but also to the company's confidence and inspiration. The company will take this exchange as an opportunity to combine the guidance of designers, adhering to the concept of professional focus, innovative development, we will continue to promote in-depth cooperation in R & D, New Product Development, green building and other areas, and vigorously promote the company to achieve high-quality development.