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Construction status of steel structure workshop project in Fusuishan Polder Industrial Park of Guangxi

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On 9 December, the steel structure project of the Reka branch of the Guangxi Fusuishan Polder Industrial Park (Phase I) , contracted by the Guangxi Zuo River Science and Technology Construction Co. , Ltd. , at this stage 1 # , 2 # plant steel structure has been completed, 3 # plant steel structure has been built. The project is located in Chongzuo City, Guangxi province, with a total floor area of 25,410 square meters, of which: 1 # , 2 # , 3 # standard factory buildings each single area of 8470 square meters, building a total height of 12 meters; The type of structure is portal steel frame structure, 1 floor, fire-resistant Grade 2, the total weight of steel members is about 1043 tons.


With the strong support of the autonomous regions, Chongzuo and Fusui County, the leadership of the party committee, the government and various departments, the Fusuishan polder industrial park will follow the industrial development idea of “Strengthening the leading role, reinforcing the chain, and clustering”, actively involved in the development of the core economic zone of Nanning Airport, we will vigorously promote the construction of specialized warehousing and logistics distribution centers, production and marketing centers for brand-name wood flooring substrates, custom-made high-end solid wood furniture centers, modern smart furniture production and marketing centers, Internet + feature e-commerce platforms, and business incubation research centers.



“Leica Branch Park” project from the flat to build, “Zuojiang Science and technology” always adhere to the quality of hard work, the implementation of outstanding product and cash. Reasonable arrangement of working procedures, accurate coordination of human and material resources, grasp the construction schedule, overcome all kinds of difficulties, to promote the project construction.

Next, our company will speed up the construction progress, in accordance with the requirements of the owners, in the specified time to complete the construction of the project.