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The construction is successful, the project is perfect! Guangxi Shenlong color coating production base

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On 20 November, the Guangxi Shenlong coated plate production base-integrated hardware and coated plate plant project, which was contracted by Guangxi Zuo River Science and Technology Construction Co. , Ltd. , was located in Area A, Area B, Area C and Area D of the coated plate plant, construction of the complex has been completed. The project is located in Fangchenggang, Guangxi province, with a total construction area of 79,715.64 m2, a comprehensive workshop of 2,579.2 m2, a hardware workshop of 1,881.7 m2, a pickling and raw material workshop of 5,900.73 m2, a galvanizing and color coating workshop of 35,009.76 m2, a rolling mill workshop of 16,669.00 m2, and a galvanizing workshop of 17,675.25 m2.

Project completion is not only the completion of the building, but also the crystallization of team cohesion and struggle spirit. Let's celebrate this victory together, and thank everyone who worked hard for the project!