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Sichuan-he Guang, high-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic group solar cell project steel structure professional sub-contract engineering

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  Project description, the project is located in Yibin, Sichuan province, the construction area of 29,000 square meters, covers a total area of 926 mu.

Based on the Yibin Project, the company aims to create a silicon cell unicorn enterprise with high-efficiency and higher production capacity. It will build a digital workshop based on the manufacturing scenario of the photovoltaic industry, to realize intelligent factories, actively build demonstration projects of “Intelligent Manufacturing” in Yibin, rely on Yibin's “Tiegong Shuikong” three-dimensional transportation system, and make full use of local resources such as hydropower, we will seize the opportunity of developing green and low-carbon industries and make great efforts to add luster to Yibin's new energy business card.

 In recent years, Heguang Tongcheng has been implementing the national“Dual-carbon” strategy, resolutely pursuing the path of eco-first, green and low-carbon development, and making precise efforts to build a modern industrial system, actively seize the“One blue one green” new track, speed up the creation of world-class high-quality liquor industry, global first-class battery industry, national photovoltaic industry, similar cities in the country's leading digital economy industry“Four clusters.”.

Guangxi Zuo River branch works as the steel structure subcontractor of the project, will set up high standards of outstanding team, carry forward the spirit of competition, and quickly promote the efficient implementation of all work; Adhering to the goal of“Quality first, safety first, careful construction, scientific management”, give full play to their own advantages, and go all out to promote the implementation of the work, to create quality projects, create more value for customers.