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Sichuan-chengdu, high-efficiency silicon photovoltaic modules intelligent plant project steel structure professional sub-contract engineering

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Project description the project is located in Chengdu, Sichuan province, Gross leasable area 301234.47 square meters.

At present, energy transformation and green development have become the global consensus. A new round of energy transformation is booming. Both developed and developing countries regard energy transformation as the basic direction of energy sustainable development. With the development of the global photovoltaic new energy industry and the acceleration of the era of low-cost Internet access in China, the market demand for high-efficiency crystalline silicon battery will continue to expand.

Photovoltaic solar energy unit power consumption, water consumption, particulate emissions and other indicators far below the National Ministry of Industry and information technology standards, the whole production process green, low-carbon, energy saving, environmental protection.


Guangxi Zuo River Science and Technology Construction Co. , Ltd, as the steel structure subcontractor of this project, has accumulated more construction experience in the photovoltaic industry during the construction of this project, in order to better serve the post-photovoltaic industry's customers. Next, our company will be a high sense of responsibility and strict working attitude, strict implementation of construction requirements, under the leadership of the owner and the parties involved in the support of the units, fast, orderly, high-quality, efficient completion of construction tasks.