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Guangxi Zuo River Science and Technology Construction Co. , Ltd. . Winter 2023

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We are the best team, Guangxi Zuo River Science and Technology Construction Co. , Ltd. . A group of enthusiastic partners, carrying the banner of team building, with a small goal of happiness and growth, a different kind of league building activities started ~

In order to cohesion, so that employees feel the company's good atmosphere of harmony, friendly, positive sunshine, so that employees relax, ease the pressure of work, but also to better strengthen the corporate culture, to promote communication and communication among various departments and create a positive, healthy and harmonious corporate atmosphere, guangxi Zuo River Science and Technology Construction Co. , Ltd. held a 2023“Cooperation for growth, innovation for the future” on December 30 at Lanshe Art Manor, a total of more than 80 people took part in the construction activities.

In the oven, the charcoal fire was skewered in the dark and light, emitting the aroma of several skewers of grilled meat. A cup of drink was the pride of the roadside in the middle of the night. This was the ordinary and hot street life

Fun Little Game

Invincible Hot Wheels: a tarpaulin strung the whole team together to stand up the ring all the team members stand on the ring while rolling the big ring; the team members use the set chariot through the set route, through communication and cooperation, team cooperation, smooth arrival at the end.


Circle to the end: a number of people in a group, all the participants stand in a line hand in hand on the arm of one of the members of the hula hoop, after the start of the race, with the hula hoop through all the body back to the original position, during the game hands can not be loosened, nor with the finger hook hula hoop, the team with the shortest time to win.

Gathering Pace: in the course of the game, each group has mistakes, after unremitting efforts, the final six teams all successfully reached the end.

The tug-of-war: as soon as the preliminary signal for the race is given, the co-workers get into shape. Their front legs collapsed, their back legs lunged, their bodies tilted back and their center of gravity sank, pulling them apart in an instant. With the slogan“One-two, one-two...”, colleagues in accordance with the rhythm together, high morale, concerted efforts to win the game tenacious struggle. The players cheering on the sidelines also shouted for them to cheer, on and off the field of mutual cooperation fully demonstrated the“Unity is strength.”. Balance of strength of the two teams, the rope moving back and forth between the two teams, with a dangerous reversal, the atmosphere warm and high.

Fun team games, reflecting the Zuo River Science and Technology team spirit. Everyone is an important part of the team. Cheer for yourself, cheer for the team, fight for the honor. Work together to move forward in unison, Brainstorm together to advance and retreat together, and work together to achieve the same goal.

Each team not only has the strength competition, but also has the wisdom competition, has the unity cooperation competition. After an afternoon of fierce competitions, the team building activities came to a successful conclusion in a joyous and peaceful atmosphere. The first and second runners-up of the team were competed on the spot. The vice-chairman of Wang Quan personally presented awards to each winning team, at the same time to encourage all staff in the future work to continue efforts to keep up the spirit of the company's development and construction.


Imperceptibly, the activity entered the end, a precious group photo, for the reunion activity drew a complete period. The sun is warm, not negative time all the way forward, the future can be expected to build a successful end of a group of people, a road, grow together with a sense of gratitude, meet all good. In this 2023 to leave the memories of shoulder-to-shoulder so that we can continue to work together in the future cohesion, create brilliant