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Guangxi Nanguo Copper Project ushered in the steel structure lifting and sealing the final sprint phase! ! !

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On 5 January, the Guangxi Nanguo copper smelting 400kpa comprehensive recovery and energy-saving and environmental protection upgrading project, which was contracted by Guangxi Zuo River Science and Technology Construction Co. , Ltd. , was completed, the project ushered in the final sprint phase of steel structure lifting and sealing, at the site we saw the workers are in an orderly installation.

In this project, the No. 2 tailing pond was designed with grid structure, a 110-meter long-span structure that is rare in Chongzuo and even the whole of Guangxi. The advantages of space truss structure are its uniform force, light weight, high stiffness and good seismic performance, so it is widely used in a variety of large-span and large-area buildings. The adoption of grid structure not only improves the functionality and practicability of 2 # tailing pond, but also improves its overall aesthetic degree and space utilization rate, and reduces the construction cost and maintenance cost.

Because most of the steel structure is metal parts, metal has the characteristics of hot expansion and cold contraction, if the construction weather and temperature control is not well arranged, the stability of steel structure will become worse.

Space grid structure is a three-dimensional structure, which is composed of many members according to certain rules, each end with a bolt, screw into the ball to form a bolt-ball node grid, or the rod welded to the ball to form a welded node grid. The structure has the characteristics of good stability, light weight, good anti-seismic effect, and the bolt-ball steel grid structure is a kind of commonly used long-span structure.

During construction, maintain the management of the steel structure construction schedule, construction personnel, construction details, continue to control the quality of construction projects, encountered problems can be adjusted in a timely manner, so as to pay a small price, to ensure the quality of the project. To enable both sides to achieve satisfactory economic and social benefits.