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Fully motivated to "recover"! Zuojiang Science and Technology has accelerated its resumption of work and production

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Spring comes early when people are diligent, and it is the right time to make progress.With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, Zuojiang Science and Technology's various project departments under construction have sounded the "assembly call" to return to work. All employees have devoted themselves to work with full enthusiasm and high morale, and are full of energy to start a new game.

Guangxi Nanguo Copper Industry

Guangxi Nanguo Copper Industry 400kt/a Copper Smelting Comprehensive Recycling and Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Upgrading and Renovation Project -2 # Tailings Pond Steel Structure. The design of the project adopts a grid structure, which is a 110 meter long span building structure that is quite rare in the entire Guangxi region; The project has entered the final stage and is expected to be completed by the end of the month.


Guangxi Funan Logistics Comprehensive Logistics Warehousing Project
The Guangxi Funan Logistics Project is located in the China ASEAN Youth Industrial Park in Fusui County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with a total construction area of 15120 square meters for Warehouse 4; Warehouse 5 covers an area of 2835 square meters. The workers are busy in their respective positions, and various tasks are progressing in an orderly and tense manner. After the comprehensive resumption of work and production, the project staff will work tirelessly day and night for the Funan Logistics project.



China ASEAN Youth Industrial Park Standard Factory Phase V Project
The fifth phase of the standard factory building project of Guangxi China ASEAN Youth Industrial Park is located in Fushui County Youth Industrial Park, Chongzuo City. The total land area is about 84192.95 square meters (equivalent to 126.289 acres), mainly including 7 1-story factories (Class C), garbage collection points, power generation and distribution rooms, pump rooms, fire water tanks, and guard rooms. The total construction area is 77082.77 square meters, with a total building and structure area of 38933.61 square meters and a green space area of 14487.18 square meters. Plan 184 parking spaces for motor vehicles and 532 parking spaces for non motor vehicles. The project is currently undergoing orderly construction.



Fangchenggang Anpaida Storage Base
The Fangchenggang Anpaida Warehouse Base project is located in the Port District of Fangchenggang City, Guangxi, with a total construction area of 35122.17 square meters. The construction area of Warehouse 1 is 18366.81 square meters, and Warehouse 2 is 16755.36 square meters. The base provides warehousing and distribution services mainly for metals and mineral products, as well as commercial simple processing; Warehouse management of goods and other related businesses. The project is expected to reach its closing phase by the end of the month.



Guangxi Daofeng Annual Production 300000 Tons Titanium Zirconium Sand Selection Project
Guangxi Daofeng Annual Production 300000 Tons Titanium Zirconia Sand Mineral Selection Project, located in Qinzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with a total contracted construction area of 28770.80 square meters, including a shaking table workshop of 4207.50 square meters, a titanium ore workshop of 6000.00 square meters, a titanium ore workshop of 3963.30 square meters, a warehouse of 4400.00 square meters, a zirconium workshop of 5100.00 square meters, and a rutile workshop of 5100.00 square meters


All ongoing projects of Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Technology Construction Co., Ltd. have accelerated their resumption of work after the holiday. All management personnel are in place and are fully committed to ensuring performance and safety, ensuring stable production after the holiday. Next, the company will continue to closely monitor the construction milestones of each project, maintain the courage to move forward, the courage to take on responsibilities, and the perseverance to persevere in every battle, anchor the construction and production goals of the project, and make every effort to achieve a "good start" in the first quarter, striving to be the "vanguard" of the company's high-quality development.


Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Technology Construction Co., Ltd. provides design drawings for free, and undertakes various steel structure factory building projects and sports venue grid construction projects. Welcome to visit the factory for inspection. The factory is located at No. 59 Airport Avenue, Fushui Economic Zone, Nanning Airport, China ASEAN