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Overseas Exhibition | Zuojiang Science and Technology's "Overall Solution for Steel Structure Buildings" Appears at the "2024 Vietnam Architecture Hanoi International Exhibition"

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Our company will attend the 2024 Vietnam Architecture Hanoi International Exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam before March 20th. We welcome all new and old customers to visit and observe the exhibition. The detailed information of the exhibition is as follows:

Exhibition time: March 20-24, 2024


Translation: National Architecture Exhibition Center

Exhibition Hall Address: 01 DO DUC DUC, Q NAM TU LIEM, TP HANOI

Translation: No. 1 Du Moral Education Road, Nanci Lian County, Hanoi City

Our booth: A3 Hall 233/262 (A3-233/262)


The 2024 Vietnam Architecture Hanoi International Exhibition is the largest exhibition in the building materials and decoration industry in Vietnam and even Southeast Asia. The exhibition has been held since 1998 by the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction in collaboration with provincial and municipal governments in Vietnam. It is divided into two seasons, spring and autumn (Hanoi Tour in March and Ho Chi Minh City Tour in September). The exhibition attracts companies from 20 countries and regions around the world to participate. The spring Hanoi exhibition has a scale of about 1350 booths, and the autumn Ho Chi Minh City exhibition has a scale of about 2340 booths. Every year, the exhibition attracts over 100000 professional buyers and end buyers to observe and trade. It has a wide influence in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. The organizers of this exhibition are the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam, the People's Government of Hanoi City, the People's Government of Ho Chi Minh City, and the Government of Danang City. The organizers are the Information Center of the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam and AFC International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Zuojiang Science and Technology Construction Co., Ltd. provides design drawings for free, and undertakes various steel structure factory building projects and sports venue grid construction projects. Welcome to visit the factory for inspection. The factory is located at No. 59 Airport Avenue, Fushui Economic Zone, Nanning Airport, China ASEAN