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The latest construction progress of the Guangxi Kingdom of Funan Logistics Integrated Logistics Warehousing project

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On January 20, construction work on the foundation of the Guangxi Kingdom of Funan Logistics Co. , Ltd, a general contractor of the Guangxi Zuo River Science and Technology Construction Co. , Ltd, was underway.

The Guangxi Kingdom of Funan Logistics Project is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Chongzuo Fusui County-asean youth industrial park, with a total floor area of 15,120 m2 for the No. 4 warehouse and 2,835 m2 for the No. 5 warehouse. Funan logistics takes an active part in the high-quality construction of the new land-sea corridor in the west of China, deepening the extensive cooperation with ASEAN countries. By building a modern integrated logistics park and laying out special lines for sea-rail combined transport, multi-modal transport and“General dangerous convection” should be vigorously developed to improve the comprehensive capacity and reduce operating costs.


At the same time, Kingdom of Funan Logistics has built an integrated service platform for people and vehicles (such as integrated service buildings, gas stations, electric heavy-duty card recharging stations, etc.) to precisely match logistics resources with demand, and comprehensively upgrade service quality and level, provide logistics support for building a closer china-asean community of Destiny, and lay the foundation for the stable development of cross-border industrial chain supply chain.

Next, our company will speed up the construction progress, in accordance with the requirements of the owners, in the specified time to complete the construction of the project. Guangxi Zuo River Science and Technology Construction Co. , Ltd. provides design drawings, free deepening drawings, to undertake various steel plant projects, stadium grid projects, welcome to visit the factory. Address: No. 59 Airport Avenue, Fusui Economic Zone, Nanning Airport, ASEAN China