• Construction


    According to the nature of the building, it is divided into: residential buildings, public buildings, industrial buildings and civil buildings, including ordinary residences, apartments, villas, dormitories, etc. Public buildings are people conducting political and cultural activities, administrative offices, and other commercial and living services. Buildings needed by the business, including administrative office buildings, cultural, educational and sanitary buildings, commercial buildings, transportation buildings, and landscape architecture, etc.
  • Municipal


    Municipal engineering is based on government responsibilities and obligations to provide residents with paid or unpaid public products and services. Various buildings, structures, and various public infrastructure constructions belong to the scope of municipal engineering, such as Guilin North Railway Station and Guangzhou North Railway Station.
  •  Electromechanical


    The general contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering construction includes the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and testing of mechanical and electrical equipment. At present, our company has a three-level qualification certificate for general contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering. There are more than 40 middle and senior engineers and other relevant technical personnel, professional installation
  • Environmental friendly

    Environmental friendly

    Environmental protection engineering is the engineering done for environmental protection
  • Building Decoration

    Building Decoration

    Decoration project is a craft project. The main projects include plastering, ceiling, coating, etc., which can beautify the environment, improve people's housing conditions, protect buildings from wind and rain, and have functions such as sound insulation, which not only meet people's aesthetic needs , But also protect the building structure
  • Steel structure

    Steel structure

    The main steel structure products include truss floor decks, galvanized floor decks, C-shaped steel, Z-shaped steel, color tiles, edge-finishing, gutters, embedded bolts and screws, casings, arc-shaped roof tiles, rock wool
  • Lifting equipment

    Lifting equipment

    Hoisting machinery can also be called lifting equipment. It is an important tool to realize the mechanization and automation of the production process in industrial, transportation, and construction enterprises. At present, our company mainly has single-beam miniature cranes, single-beam electric hoist bridge cranes, and electric hoists Right-angle half-door crane, double-beam gantry crane, double-beam bridge crane, double-beam bridge crane, right-angle mini cantilever crane, etc.

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