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Single tile

Trussed floor plates, galvanized floor plates, C steel, B steel, color tile, edge, bolt and screw embedded in gutter, casing, gas tower arc tiles, rock wool
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Light transmittance: adopt natural light health and energy saving, diffuse optical fiber, comfortable, bright and soft, meet the requirements of human health function, light transmittance can be arbitrarily controlled between 0-90%.

Weather resistance: in centigrade -40℃ -120 ℃ temperature range to maintain stable performance, no high temperature softening, high cold embrittlement phenomenon; Can also be designed into double layer structure, insulation effect is better, especially suitable for the northern cold areas of the farm winter production.

Corrosion resistance: high strength acid and alkali resistance, no oxidation, the service life can reach more than 20 years!

High strength: super impact resistance, can prevent the impact of snow and hail, avoid causing nail hole expansion and leakage.

Flame retardant: the oxygen index of flame retardant lighting tile is less than or equal to 30%, reaching the national second-class flame retardant standard.


Scope of application of lighting tile

1, can match with domestic general asbestos/cement and galvanized steel corrugated tile.

2, can be used with domestic molding production of pressed plate;

3, can be used with hidden plate;

4, can be used with heat preservation and pressure plate;

The corrugated (flat) plate has light transmittance type (no coloring, immersion transmittance), light transmittance type (coloring, immersion transmittance) and smudging type. According to user requirements, there are a variety of colors to choose from.

The products are widely used in large buildings, industrial plants, markets, greenhouses, aquiculture, gymnasiums and other places, and can be used as building roofing, wall lighting and partition.


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