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Since its establishment, the company has been constantly seeking for new development, undertaking dozens of large housing construction, municipal, art construction, industrial and steel structure projects in and around the province, and has won a number of honorary titles, accumulated rich construction experience, to provide customers with efficient, useful and satisfactory services


Guangxi Zuojiang Kegong Construction Co., Ltd

Quality transportation, rest assured, worry, peace of mind


We provide not only tangible products, but also perfect after-sales service to meet the needs of customers. For each project, the company has a set of perfect after-sales service system to ensure the use and maintenance of a series of technical guidance to customers; Make regular return visits to customers, conduct satisfaction surveys on customers, solicit valuable opinions from customers, improve our services, optimize the company's steel structure building system, and provide customers with more suitable steel structure buildings.


To "affordable, high quality, high efficiency" for the purpose, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the current state or contract to provide maintenance services, to provide users with timely and effective maintenance services, can relieve the user's worries, the user's building can maintain a long-term new when the appearance and function.

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