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广西左江科工Guangxi Zuojiang Kegong Construction Co., Ltd.建设有限公司


Construction engineering; Steel structure design, manufacturing, sales, installation;

Lifting equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance of the diversified enterprises.


Guangxi Zuojiang Kegong Construction Co., Ltd. is a diversified company founded after 20 years of development of Fengyuan steel structure enterprise, keeping pace with The Times and keeping abreast of science and technology. It has obtained the general contracting qualification of housing construction successively. Municipal public engineering construction general contracting qualification, mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting qualification, steel structure professional contracting qualification, environmental protection engineering contracting qualification, construction decoration project specialized contracting qualification, special equipment manufacturing license, special equipment installation maintenance license, the company set product development, manufacture, installation and maintenance in the body. It is located in the beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, information developed China ASEAN - Nanning airport Fu Sui economic zone, only 28 kilometers away from Nanning Wuwei International Airport, 52 kilometers and 67 kilometers away from Nanning city and Chongzuo city, 152 kilometers away from zhongyue side mirror Pingxiang City.


The company occupies 10,000m2, the planned construction area is 6,000m2, and the yard is 1,000m2; Existing senior engineers and other related technical personnel more than 40, 20 project managers, production technicians more than 300, professional installation and equipment maintenance technicians more than 100 people, equipped with design drawing software AntocAD, Solid Works, calculation and analysis software Ansys, detailed drawing deepening software Tekla Structure.


The company is equipped with a complete set of advanced production equipment, and its own test and measurement center. The company strictly implements the scientific management system of three standards, inherits the enterprise spirit of fengyuan's continuous development and growth over the past 20 years, "down-to-earth, responsible and innovative", and wholeheartedly provides customers with "excellent, reliable and efficient" service.


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